I highly recommend Matt Chandler’s new book Recovering Redemption! Chapter two is worth the price of the book. Check it out! Grab a copy here.

I love going to youth camp! As a pastor we should have connection with the students of our church. Camp is a great opportunity to do that! I spent all last week with our students at Falls Creek. It was one of the best weeks ever! Watching students give their lives to Christ and make other decisions never gets old!

This Sunday’s Sermon. Acts 3:1-10. God can make anyone beautiful. This story is so awesome!

Been digging this song lately. I’ve been listening to Shane & Shane’s version on Worship Initiative Vol. 2.

Sometimes when pastoring, you don’t exactly relate to someone going through struggles. You empathize, but you may not relate. That may lead us to not know exactly what to pray for them. That’s not necessarily bad. Here is an insight God gave me this week that helped me greatly.

Many times in pastoring, there is a roller coaster of emotion. I quickly share what I learned this week as I ministered to those experiencing heartache and loss, to jumping around with kids at VBS. Pastoring can be extremely emotional, with many ups and downs! Good thing we can rely on God and His Word to sustain us!

My review of Daughters In Danger Elayne Bennett. It is an important book, especially if you have a daughter! Thanks Thomas Nelson for the free copy to review! Get a copy here: http://amzn.to/TU5Bcf

Choosing Sides – Part 5. God’s side is always better because God is greater than anyone or anything! Isaiah 18-20.

Faith Of A Farmer

June 6, 2014 — 2 Comments

Growing up in Houston, I knew about rain. We always had rain. Sometimes, too much rain (I know, sorry guys). But after living in the Texas panhandle and now western Oklahoma, I have learned much about faith through farmers. Continue Reading…